Our Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Is Important

At Blue Crest Electric Ltd. the safety of our clients is our number one concern. As such, we recognize that protecting your privacy is essential. Blue Crest Electric is committed to safeguarding all Personal Information you choose to entrust to us though any means you choose to provide it – from conversations with our technicians to telephone, email or correspondence via our website.

For your piece of mind, our Privacy Management Plan includes regulations for the collection, storage, and use of your Personal Information.

Collection: Blue Crest Electric Ltd. collects personal information about its clients in order to provide better service to its clients and manage its business effectively. Therefore the collection and use of information is for the sole benefit of the client and the company. Blue Crest Electric Ltd. and its employees commit to limit the collection and use of personal information to that required for valid and ethical business purposes and to comply with law.

Storage: Blue Crest Electric Ltd. commits to take all reasonable action to protect the Personal Information provided by clients, whether electronic or hard copy. Blue Crest Electric Ltd. will meet or exceed common business practices for securing information to prevent unauthorized collection, access, use, disclosure or disposal.

Disclosure: Blue Crest Electric Ltd. will not unnecessarily disclose personal information to any third party for the benefit of third party use. Personal Information will never be rented, sold or traded to a third party for third party marketing or research purposes. There may be instances in which Blue Crest Electric Ltd. may be required by law to provide personal information without client consent. Such instances include emergency situations, or where required by government or other legal order.

Blue Crest Electric Ltd. reserves the right to revise or update this Privacy Policy at any time.

For further information contact:

Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
Phone: 604-857-8890
Email: bluecrest@bluecrest.net
Website: www.bluecrest.net