How To Choose The Right Electrician

If you have any of these 6 problems and want them fixed today!

Unlike the plumbers I know, electricians rarely get emergency calls. Our equivalent of a flood in the basement is a fire in the attic… and you don’t call us for that. You call 911.

So, you’re probably not surfing the net because you’ve got an electrical emergency. Instead, you have an electrical problem like one of these…

#1 “My good friend (or husband) tried to do it.”

My apologies to the guys reading this, but it’s true. A big part of our business is finishing up the electrical projects you start…from outlets to ceiling fans. And that’s okay, although it would be easier and probably cheaper if you’d call us first. We have the tools, experience and know-how to do the job right, start to finish. Call today for proven professional electrical expertise.

#2 “I need a ceiling fan or chandelier installed.”

We install lighting fixtures, fans, outlets, dimmers and more. Our work is guaranteed to meet city codes, and we use only copper wiring (no aluminum). Want to know why we only use copper wiring? Call us or check out the Electrical Information section, under SUPPORT.

#3 “I have a breaker that doesn’t stay reset.”

If your breaker keeps tripping, you don’t have the equivalent of a flooded basement, yet. But you do have a potentially dangerous problem involving the electrical circuits in your home. Call us now.

#4 “I’ve got an ugly Internet or cable TV wiring stapled to my baseboard.”

Let us do the job right. Snaking wire through walls is an art, a science, a skill… and our specialty. It’s also something few electricians, cable companies or Internet providers like to do. But you’re in luck when you call us. We’re World Champions at snaking wire through very difficult places.

#5 “Smells like something’s burning.”

Overheated appliances and electrical circuits are a problem you don’t want to ignore. A call to us now could save you a call to 911 later.

#6 “We’ve got a ‘mystery switch’.”

We love getting this call. If you’ve got a switch that you’ve never been able to link to an outlet or circuit, call us to solve the mystery.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed….111%

If you’re unhappy with our work for any reason, we’ll redo it. FREE. We want you to be more that 100% satisfied.

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