Electrical Service Upgrade

July 19, 2023

Service Upgrade

Are you thinking of adding new circuits and load to your home? When planning to add load to your panel such as hot tubs, EV chargers, etc., you will need to make sure that your electrical panel is able to support all your new accessories. If your electrical panel is full then you will need to have a service upgrade. This will require a licensed electrician and a crew from B.C. Hydro.

What Is a Service Upgrade?

A service upgrade is the upgrading of the amperage that your home is able to handle. The average home functions on about 100 Amps. And a service upgrade would result in raising the home to around 200 Amps, which is generally enough for what most homeowners need.

It is somewhat similar to when you need to upgrade your computer, as the programs and apps become larger in size, the computer itself is then upgraded in order to be able to run the new programs. But, with your home it’s a little bit different. You may want to add a hot tub, EV charger, air conditioning, or even create a separate suite in the basement. But your panel may not have the capacity to power any new additions.

How Do You Know If Your Home Needs a Service Upgrade?

  • The first step would be to have a Blue Crest electrician inspect your panel to determine if you have enough space for your electrical additions. As a homeowner you may already be aware that there isn’t enough space available on your panel to add load to your electrical system. Therefore, having an electrician come to your home to confirm the requirements for the service upgrade and give an estimate may be your next move.
  • Once you’ve received and approved your electrician’s estimate you will need to contact B.C. Hydro to approve their charges and receive a reference number for the service upgrade.
  • Then provide your Blue Crest electrician with the B.C. Hydro reference number. With the reference number we are then able to coordinate with Hydro on a date to disconnect your power and upgrade your service.

As a service upgrade requires replacing your electrical panel, this is also a good time to have other electrical renovations completed. Creating a list of any electrical repairs or updates before the electrician arrives is an efficient way to prepare for renovations.

At Blue Crest Electric we do our best to ensure that your home’s service upgrade goes as smoothly as possible. For any questions regarding a service upgrade, please call any of the numbers listed on our contact page.

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