Technician’s Seal of Safety

Who is coming into your house?

Occasionally a homeowner may feel uncomfortable at home alone when a service company is working in their home. Recent newspaper articles and television reports have made us all wary of who we are allowing into our homes when we hire a service company. Women, the elderly or the disabled may feel especially vulnerable.

Criminal background checks are required for workers in some professions such as teachers, school bus drivers and health-care workers. They are not mandated for most other jobs. Some law enforcement officials believe all employers who provide home services should conduct background checks and they should not hire anyone with a criminal record. There are, tragically, many examples that bolster this argument.

Blue Crest ElectricianBlue Crest Electric Ltd. is one of only a handful of service companies in British Columbia that proudly carries the Technician’s Seal of Safety. This important seal symbolizes our continued commitment to our client’s safety and peace of mind.

At Blue Crest Electric Ltd. we take our client’s personal safety seriously by going the extra mile. In addition to wearing a company uniform and carrying the proper identification, our highly trained electricians are background checked and have volunteered for a random drug-testing program. We want our clients to feel completely safe when our electricians are in their home.

Upon your request, we will even email you the picture of the electrician assigned to your service call so that you recognize him when he arrives at your door.

Your safety, security and peace of mind is our priority.

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