Track and Recessed Lighting

May 25, 2023

Track and Recessed Lighting

Track and recessed lighting are different options for in-home light fixtures. While track lighting is still a good way to light your home or kitchen many homeowners decide to upgrade to recessed pot lights and under cabinet lighting. Something to always keep in mind, is that if you are installing light fixtures in new locations then an electrical permit and a licensed electrician will be required.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a series of lights that are connected to a track/bar and then mounted onto the ceiling. This style of lighting allows for the lights to move on a swivel and to turn to different positions. If you plan on installing track lighting some homeowners recommend ordering in white to match the shade colouring of your ceiling. Unless you are planning  to create or match a certain aesthetic for your home.


  • A licensed and certified electrician.
  • An electrical permit.
  • Light fixture provided by the customer.

Pros of Track Lighting

  • Good for bringing light to a darker area of the home.
  • The lights can be pointed toward a specific area to create a focal point in a room around either art, a table, or furniture.
  • Adequate lighting.

Cons of Track Lighting

  • It is bulky in its extension from the ceiling.
  • It only provides directional light in the way that the lamps are tilted.
  • Can create shadows.


Recessed Lighting

Track and Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are lights that sit flush with the ceiling, walls, or underneath cabinets. The electrical wires and components in recessed pot lights are above the light, installed in the ceiling/attic of a home or business. Recessed pot lights do not jut out from the ceiling. Therefore, they are more convenient for standard height ceilings for taller people or objects that are prone to bump into extended light fixtures.


  • A certified and licensed electrician.
  • An electrical permit.

Pros of Recessed Lights

  • Great for installation in living rooms, in and under kitchen cabinets, in closets, and outdoor patios.
  • When correctly placed in a room they bring the focus down from the ceiling to the aesthetic and visuals of the home itself.
  • Makes the room appear larger.
  • Within the modern recessed pot light fixture there is a switch that allows you to adjust the colour temperature of the light bulbs.
  • There is even light dispersion.
  • Excellent amount of lighting.
  • The regulatory authorities have approved the latest LED lighting for installation in showers.

Cons of Recessed Lights

  • They are not ideal in bathrooms where there may be multiple mirrors. Recessed lights can create shadows when the light projects through a reflection.
  • Requires cutting holes in the ceiling. So, if you decide to someday remove the recessed lights then you will have to patch the drywall or replace the ceiling tiles.

For any questions regarding the installation of light fixtures contact us by calling any of the numbers listed on our contact page.

As shown in the before and after pictures below, our Blue Crest electricians transformed this kitchen lighting from track to recessed lighting,

Track and Recessed LightingTrack and Recessed Lighting

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