Sump Pump Safety

July 15, 2015


Sump Pump SafetyPower outages seem to be a fact of life in the Lower Mainland. Moreover, certain parts of the Fraser Valley seem to be more prone to power outages than others. Whether the cause is a tree brought down onto nearby power lines by a passing windstorm or interruptions caused by regular maintenance on the power grid by the local power supply company, the result is the same. Your home has no electrical power, no TV and internet services and probably no telephone.

To some homeowners this is an irritating inconvenience, to others it could mean an expensive clean up. A standby generator is probably the best insurance to prevent flooding if there is a power outage. But, if you don’t have the luxury of a standby generator that kicks in during a power outage, there are some safety measures available to reduce the risk to your home.

Battery Sump Pump

A battery powered back-up sump pump takes over for your electric sump pump. So, that in the event of a malfunction or power failure your sump pump will automatically turn on. Odds are high that if you need your sump pump, it is most likely storming outside and there is a high probability of a power loss.

The float of a battery powered, back-up sump pump is positioned higher up the sump hole, above the main electric pump. If the electric pump fails and the water level continues to rise, the battery powered back-up pump kicks in and does the job in place of the electric pump. An audible alarm sounds alerting you to the fact that you are now using the back-up system.

The 12 Volt DC battery lasts for approximately 4 hours or until there’s restoration of the electric power. Once the power has turned on, the battery will shut off and recharge for its next call of duty.

For maximum reliability, we highly recommend that your sump pump have its own designated circuit. This reduces the risk of other things on the circuit tripping the breaker thereby leaving you unprotected.

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