Security And Landscape Lighting Solutions

July 15, 2015

Landscape Lighting

Hard Wired Lighting

Although British Columbia is usually blessed with long beautiful summers, our province is also known for it’s lengthy periods of rainfall when the sun is nowhere in sight.  And since we are located on the 49th parallel, the number of daylight hours are also significantly reduced for much of the year. Taking this into consideration, it is wise to use hard wired lighting options for key locations around the yard and garden. For consistent and reliable year round lighting solutions for both decorative use or safety and security purposes, hard wired electrical fixtures are still the best option. A strategically placed light fixture, with an attached motion sensor, can fill a dark corner, stairwell or alley with instant light when movement is detected. Low level pathway lighting provides safety around stairs and other uneven surfaces while flood lights can fill a large area with enough light to enjoy an evening volleyball game or pool party.

Landscape LightingHard wired exterior lighting fixtures come in a wide range of styles to suit any structural or gardening theme and are not dependent on the weather or seasonal light conditions. The addition of photocells, motion sensors, timers and even dimmers makes this a very energy efficient, convenient, and reliable lighting solution.

The installation of LED fixtures and lamps has greatly landscape-lighting3reduced the operating cost of landscape lighting to only pennies a day, making this an extremely cost effective alternative. The demand for affordable, energy efficient products has encouraged lighting manufacturers to provide the consumer with more fixture choice and options.  A licensed, certified Blue Crest Electric electrician will be able to advise homeowners as to which products are best suited for any given location.

landscape-lighting4Transform your backyard space into the personal retreat you imagine. Permanent, hard wired lighting provides year round safety, security and enjoyment. With some creative planning, carefully chosen lighting fixtures, proper placement and correct installation, you can extend the enjoyment of your backyard well past sunset and into every season of the year.

Solar Lighting Options

The sun is our closest star and is situated about 93 million miles away from the earth. It is about 109 times larger than the earth and yet the earth receives only about two billionths of the sun’s total energy output. That small fraction is enough to sustain life on our beautiful planet. Most of the sun’s energy, that reaches the earth, is spent evaporating moisture into clouds. Much of the remaining energy is converted into carbon-based life through a process performed by plants called photosynthesis.

June 21st is known as the Summer Solstice. It marks the meteorological start to BC’s long awaited summer!  On a clear day British Columbians enjoy approximately 16.25 hours of actual sunshine on this, the longest day of the year.

Harnessing the sun’s energy for small applications is easy. Solar cells (photovoltaic cells) change sunlight directly into electricity. Calculators, decorative garden lights, and some lighted road signs routinely use this form of energy very effectively.

Landscape Solar LightingSolar energy is free, and its supply is inexhaustible. The use of solar energy produces no air or water pollution, making it a very attractive energy source for the environmentally conscience consumer. The performance of these solar cells is dependent on the amount of sunlight directly reaching the cells. Climate conditions like clouds and fog have a significant effect on the amount of solar energy received by the cell.

Landscape Solar LightingSmall, retail solar lights are not bright enough for task or security lighting. However they may be used for lighting paths and walkways with either practical or decorative style fixtures. Garden lighting can bring out the colours and textures of interesting foliage, luminescent floating orbs add magical decorative touches to ponds and pools, and whimsical twinkling dragonflies lend fascinating detail to any backyard. The beauty and enjoyment of the garden can extend well past sunset with the addition of these creative and artistic fixtures.

Landscape Solar LightingOutdoor solar lights are simple to install, safe to use and relocating them is a breeze because there is no wiring involved. Just make sure they are strategically placed so they receive plenty of direct sunlight for optimum recharging.

For year round outdoor lighting solutions, Blue Crest Electric Ltd. recommends the installation of a combination of solar and hard wired lighting sources. Call us at any of the numbers listed on our contact page.

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