Mobile Home – CSA / Silver Label Recertification

September 3, 2015

Recertification for Mobile or Manufactured Homes

Mobile Home ElectricalJust like all homes built in Canada, a manufactured home must meet very specific safety standards before it can be sold to the public. An electrical design plan, specific to each manufacturer, series and model, must be registered and approved before production can begin. The manufacturer may not deviate from this plan as the CSA approval is granted for this unaltered design only and any unapproved changes to the electrical system (including subsequent work done without an electrical permit) will invalidate the CSA certification. BC Safety Authority Code Directive D-E3 080606-1.

Upon completion, a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certification label is permanently attached to the manufactured home by the manufacturer before it leaves the factory. The label lists a unique CSA number specific to the home, which means the unit has been built according to the registered and accepted plan, has passed inspections, and meets all safety requirements as of the date of completion.

This certification remains valid indefinitely provided the electrical system is never altered in any way OR if all subsequent alterations are completed under a valid electrical permit by a certified licensed electrician.

Owners of manufactured and mobile homes are advised to keep proof of all permits for alterations to the electrical system as these will be required by the realtor and interested buyers when the home is listed for sale, to prove the CSA number is still valid.

 HELP, I can’t find my CSA number.

Depending on each manufacturer, the CSA certificate label is usually located on the exterior of the mobile home near the front door, near the electrical panel, or inside a kitchen cabinet.

Occasionally this important information is covered up or removed and unknowingly discarded during home renovations.

If a certificate label is lost, a replacement label cannot be issued. However, the BC Safety Authority allows a qualified licensed electrical contractor to inspect the electrical wiring in the home to ensure it meets current standards; update safety measures if necessary; and initiate an electrical approval label. This label is called a Silver Label and can be used in lieu of a CSA number to list the mobile or manufactured home for sale.

I want to sell my Mobile Home.

The sale of a mobile home is contingent on:
the presence of the original CSA certification AND the unaltered original electrical system, or copies of all electrical permits to prove legal alterations.


the presence of a Silver Label signifying the home has been inspected and all unregistered electrical alterations have been checked for safety. Proof that any subsequent regulated upgrades have been completed under an electrical permit.

What do I need to do to apply for Silver Label recertification?

Call Blue Crest Electric at any of the telephone numbers below.

We will guide you through the process of attaining the Silver Label recertification for your home.

Our skill and specialized knowledge of the electrical systems in mobile and manufactured homes, and our past experience of recertification of these systems makes us experts in this process.

The age, condition or location of your mobile or manufactured home is irrelevant as the required safety standard applies to every unit sold in BC. Ref:BC Safety Authority Directive D-E3 080606-1

As required under Electrical Safety Regulation ESR 21(d), Blue Crest Electric will:

  1. Complete the required electrical inspection and testing to assess the condition of the electrical system as required by the BC Safety Authority, and submit the required report on your behalf. On occasion we have even found the original CSA certification label during this inspection.
  2. Provide an electrical installation permit to request Silver Label recertification.
  3. Repair or install electrical wiring or devices, if required, and submit the Contractor Authorization Declaration Report to inform the BC Safety Authority that the home meets current electrical standards and qualifies for Silver Label recertification.

All work is quoted in advance and completed to Code by qualified professional Red Seal electricians and apprentices.

Your Blue Crest Electric electrician will be able to answer all your questions regarding your electrical needs and the recertification of your mobile or manufactured home.

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