Electrical Wiring for Home Renovations

July 15, 2015

Home renovations seem to be on everyone minds. The licensed electricians at Blue Crest Electric know that electrical wiring for home renovations is equally as important to the renovations themselves. Remodelling a room to meet the needs of the household, as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing living space, is just what many current television shows are focusing on. From updating the exterior of the house to kitchen, bathroom or basement renovations, well designed lighting is one of the most important design elements and plays an enormous role in the success of any renovation process.

Before and After Photos of Electrical Wiring Renovations

The following Before and After Photos of a recent Blue Crest Electric kitchen renovation project, are an example of how a good lighting design can enhance a room.

electrical wiring upgrades for home renovations

upgrading your electrical wiring

Now granted, any room is much improved when old worn cabinets are replaced with beautiful new ones. But when additional lighting is strategically installed, wood surfaces glow, stone countertops shine and stainless steel sparkles. In addition to improving a room’s functionality, lighting will help define its style and highlight architectural details.

electrical home renovation

licensed electrician for home renovations


This homeowner chose additional recessed, halogen pot lights that provide general lighting and fill the room with light. As this kitchen is connected to the family room, a dimmer was installed to reduce light levels for watching television in the adjoining space. Under cabinet halogen puck lights eliminate dark corners, washing the countertop with light and eliminating shadows on the work surface. They also provide low level lighting for the room when it is not in use for food preparation or cleanup. Accent lighting inside display cabinets adds interest to the room and also showcases heirloom dishes.

electrical services for home renovating

upgrading electrical wiring for kitchen renovations

With the old kitchen cabinets removed, our team of licensed electricians were able to bring several extra electrical circuits into the kitchen to eliminate the problem of overloaded circuits and also accommodate some of the homeowner’s wish list items such as instant hot water, in floor heat, a wine cooler, a high end specialty range hood fan and a garburator. This kitchen is now a cook’s dream.

Home Lighting Upgrades for Home Renovations

Most of the rooms in the home benefit from at least three or even four levels of light.

  • General Lighting is usually located in the ceiling to provide overall illumination to any space. Recessed halogen pot lights are the most popular choice today and add definite sparkle to any room.
  • Task lighting is needed when visual details are important such as in any work space like the kitchen, home office, craft or games room or bathroom. Task lighting should flood the work surface with light and be positioned to eliminate shadows or glare. Halogen, fluorescent or LED fixtures are all good options here.
  • Ambient Lighting fills a room with a soft pleasant light that brings warmth to the space and softens hard surfaces and angular lines. It can be achieved with the use of pendants, chandeliers, lamps or a dimmer for overhead lights. Ambient lighting is great in any room and most often used in the living room and dining room.
  • Decorative or Low Level Lighting is meant to enhance a special feature or create a cozy, intimate feeling in any room. This level of lighting is desirable when watching television. It can be achieved by turning the dimmer down, using strategically placed lamps or just lighting a candle.

The use of warm white or cool white lamps in light fixtures is another way to alter the “feel” of a room. We suggest you experiment with each type to see which works best with the colour scheme of the room.

If you are planning a home renovation project, allow us to assist you with the electrical installations. It would be our pleasure to help you realize your dream for that new living space in your home. Call us at any of the telephone numbers listed on our contact page. All work is quoted in advance.

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