Electronic Equipment

January 28, 2021

Electronic Equipment

Today’s modern household now has a lot of electronic equipment. Digital electronic versions have replaced older style kitchen appliances. These digital versions come with numerous operational features to choose from. Most homes have more than one personal computer and a TV or entertainment component in any room, including the bathroom, is not unheard of. With imposed COVID-19 safety restrictions, personal in-home fitness equipment has become a popular home addition.

All this electrical equipment comes with a significant price tag. Here are 3 things you can do to protect your investments and ensure you get the longest possible life out of your electronic equipment.

Make sure the electrical circuit that powers your electronic equipment is able to handle the extra load

According to the Canadian Electrical Code, a 15 amp circuit should not carry more than 12 amps of load to operate safely. An overloaded circuit creates a dangerous situation in both the service panel and at all the connection points along the affected circuit. A faulty circuit breaker is a fire hazard. Aside from being annoying and inconvenient, a continuously tripping breaker will eventually wear out. Don’t ignore it.

Never compromise on the equipment manufacturer’s electrical requirements

Some electronic equipment and appliances need a lot of power. As a result, this equipment may even require a dedicated circuit to avoid a dangerous overload situation. Also, a dedicated circuit requires the correctly sized wire for the circuit length and load. This dedicated circuit will also protect the equipment by giving it the full electrical power that it needs.

Surge protection is a must have for all electronic equipment

Power bars or surge strips are always a good idea but have a limited use. They should only be used as a secondary line of defence. The average home experiences approximately 20-30 daily internal energy spikes created by appliances cycling on and off. These surges will prematurely wear out the circuit boards in your electronic equipment. Thus, it’s believed that electrical surges are the main cause of 40% of all computer hard drive failures. A whole home surge protector will protect the entire home from the damaging effects of incoming power surges. Our electricians professionally install whole home surge protectors directly on the main electrical panel. Learn more information on whole home surge protection.

Ensuring that the electrical requirements of your electronic equipment are correctly met will provide longevity for your investment and years of enjoyment for you.

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