Electrical Transformer

October 25, 2023


Transformers are an electrical unit that have the ability to increase or decrease the voltage of electricity. They make it possible to transport extreme voltages of electricity across vast areas between the power plants and the consumer. Transformers are either found on power poles or in metal boxes on a concrete slab for underground electrical connection.

Why Do We Use Transformers?

Often the electric power plants are a great distance away from the people who use that electricity. In order to transport electricity economically, the voltage must increase from 30KV (kilovolt) up to 220KV. Moreover, transformers are the electrical units that make altering the voltage possible. They also prevent buildings from overloading from the massive amounts of electricity on the power lines and brings the electricity down to manageable a range.


Electricity’s Journey

  1. Electricity’s production is at a voltage from between 25-30KV, 1KV=1,000Volts.
  2. Once produced, the electricity’s voltage increases up to 220-500KV by way of a transformer.
  3. Next, transmission power lines carry the electricity across long distances to transmission sub-stations where electricity from different power plants converge. Here, a transformer then lowers the voltage to under 250KV.
  4. Then, sub-transmission power lines either above or below ground move the electricity along to distribution sub-stations. Here, transformers again lower the voltage down to 4-16KV.
  5. Lastly, distribution power lines bring the electricity to the last transformer that sits outside all homes and businesses. The electric voltage for the last time comes down to 240Volts.


What To Do When An Electrical Transformer Explodes

  • Call B.C. Hydro. Inform them of the situation and location of the pole or pad-mounted transformer that needs immediate service.
  • If the explosion catches fire to trees or buildings, call the fire department. Often when a transformer explodes there is fire and sparks, so stay far away.

What Causes an Electrical Transformer to Explode?

  • Power surges.
  • Older or faulty electrical.
  • Lightning.
  • Falling trees or debris.
  • Animals – Birds or rodents.

Electrical transformers make it easy for hydro companies to transport electricity economically and quickly across the country. At Blue Crest Electric we want everyone to be safe and careful around electrical units.

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