• Electrical Tips for New Homeowners

    Electrical Tips for New Homeowners

    As a new homeowner there will always be home improvements and projects to keep you busy. If you are unfamiliar on an installation or a project, call an electrician for expert advice with your home’s electrical. Below is a short list of electrical tips to help you know where to start as a new homeowner....... READ MORE

  • When should you upgrade your electrical panel?

    When Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

    Electrical panels are vital elements of every home and commercial building as they provide power for every device within the property. To ensure that your property remains safe and functional, it is important to understand when you should upgrade your electrical panel. That is why the experts in residential and commercial electrical services at Blue...... READ MORE

  • Rusty Panel with Slug Tenant - Blue Crest Electric

    A Rusty Panel Needs Attention

    This rusty panel certainly needs professional attention. It has been subjected to humidity for so long that a slug has moved in and taken up residence. To function safely, an electrical panel needs to be kept clean and dry, so this slug needs to be evicted today. Rust and corrosion inside the panel are very damaging and...... READ MORE

  • How to Label Your Electrical Panel

    How to Label Your Electrical Panel

    Are you sometimes baffled by which circuit breaker to shut off, because the legend on your electrical panel is not properly labeled? Or perhaps there have been so many changes made by previous owners, that nothing makes any sense. Not only is this an inconvenient and frustrating situation, it can be downright dangerous! If you...... READ MORE

  • lighting

    What is Surge Protection?

    A thunderstorm is an amazing and incredibly powerful force of nature that often sends homeowners scrambling to unplug their computers and televisions, with the hope of protecting them from a potentially damaging power surge caused by a lightning strike. Your best defense is to have an electrician install surge protection in your home.  A lightning strike...... READ MORE

  • electrician

    Electrical Circuit Breakers

    If you have ever had an electrical panel maintenance check-up performed by one of our licensed electricians, you may have wondered why the electrician expressed concern over some mismatched breakers inside your electrical service panel. With the average Lower Mainland home changing hands every 5 years, some electrical panels now have a history of modifications,...... READ MORE

  • Old Elecrtrical Service Panel - Blue Crest Electric

    Electrical Service Panel Safety

    We depend on electricity everyday but we often forget that electrical service panel safety is important. Blue Crest Electric understands that everything seems to be electronic and when the electricity to our home is interrupted for some reason, our lives come to a halt and we are quite inconvenienced. Almost every home has five or more large...... READ MORE