Light Fixtures

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    Colour Temperature

    Lighting plays a massive role in our daily lives. With the flip of a light switch our homes can have lighting all through the night and keep businesses open twenty-four hours a day. With the advancement of electric light there is now technology to change the colouring of light. What is Colour Temperature? Colour temperature...... READ MORE

  • Track and Recessed Lighting

    Track and Recessed Lighting

    Track and recessed lighting are different options for in-home light fixtures. While track lighting is still a good way to light your home or kitchen many homeowners decide to upgrade to recessed pot lights and under cabinet lighting. Something to always keep in mind, is that if you are installing light fixtures in new locations...... READ MORE

  • LED Bulbs vs. CFL Bulbs

    LED Bulbs vs. CFL Bulbs

    LED bulbs and CFL bulbs are two standard energy-efficient lighting options available today. While both have advantages, deciding which one to use can be challenging. As a leading provider of residential electrical services, Blue Crest Electric understands the importance of choosing the right type of light bulb for your home. With so many options available,...... READ MORE

  • How to Choose the Right Commercial Light Fixtures

    How to Choose the Right Commercial Light Fixtures

    Light fixtures are a vital component of every commercial and industrial facility regardless of the work performed within them. While it may be easy to assume that any industrial-rated light fixture will work for your facility, you will need to consider many different factors to determine the best option for your needs and budget. As...... READ MORE

  • Cost of new light fixtures

    What Does it Cost to Install New Light Fixtures?

    If you are considering updating various light fixtures throughout your home, you have likely wondered what this project would cost. Since every installation project is unique, it is impossible to provide a fixed price quote for new light fixtures. As a leading provider of commercial and residential electrical services, Blue Crest Electric knows that the...... READ MORE

  • High Bills - Blue Crest Electric

    Ways To Reduce The Electric Bill

    With the cost of electricity climbing higher every year, homeowners are looking for ways to shave a few dollars off that utility bill. Here are some things you can do to reduce the cost and amount of energy consumption in your home. Install timers so bath fans don’t run unnecessarily, “an hour per shower” is...... READ MORE

  • Landscape Lighting - Blue Crest Electric

    Security And Landscape Lighting Solutions

    Hard Wired Lighting Although British Columbia is usually blessed with long beautiful summers, our province is also known for it’s lengthy periods of rainfall when the sun is nowhere in sight.  And since we are located on the 49th parallel, the number of daylight hours are also significantly reduced for much of the year. Taking this into consideration, it is wise to use hard wired lighting options...... READ MORE

  • electrical wiring for home renovations

    Electrical Wiring for Home Renovations

    Home renovations seem to be on everyone’s minds. The licensed electricians at Blue Crest Electric know that electrical wiring for home renovations is equally as important to the renovations themselves. Remodelling a room to meet the needs of the household, as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing living space, is just what many current television shows are focusing...... READ MORE