Residential Electricity

  • Stormy Weather may trip GFCI Protection

    Our recent stormy weather seems to have tripped the GFCI protection in some Lower Mainland homes. This is usually an easy fix and a simple exercise that should be done periodically anyway. On the receptacle, press TEST, then RESET, and correct power should be restored. It’s always a good idea to test and reset GFCI’s […]... READ MORE

  • Mobile Home – CSA / Silver Label Recertification

    Recertification for Mobile or Manufactured Homes Just like all homes built in Canada, a manufactured home must meet very specific safety standards before it can be sold to the public. An electrical design plan, specific to each manufacturer, series and model, must be registered and approved before production can begin. The manufacturer may not deviate […]... READ MORE

  • Extension Cords

    Which Extension Cord Do I Buy? Occasionally our electricians are asked about the use and safety of extension cords in and around the home or business. Because of the extensive choice available on the hardware store shelf, it may be a confusing decision as to which one to buy. I am reminded of a customer whose […]... READ MORE

  • Security And Landscape Lighting Solutions

    Hard Wired Lighting Although British Columbia is usually blessed with long beautiful summers, our province is also known for it’s lengthy periods of rainfall when the sun is nowhere in sight.  And since we are located on the 49th parallel, the number of daylight hours are also significantly reduced for much of the year. Taking this into consideration, it is wise to use hard wired lighting options […]... READ MORE

  • How to Label Your Electrical Panel

    Are you sometimes baffled by which circuit breaker to shut off, because the legend on your electrical panel is not properly labeled? Or perhaps there have been so many changes made by previous owners, that nothing makes any sense. Not only is this an inconvenient and frustrating situation, it can be downright dangerous! If you […]... READ MORE

  • Home Renovations

    Home renovations seem to be on everyone minds. Remodeling a room to meet the needs of the household, as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing living space, is just what many current television shows are focusing on. From updating the exterior of the house to kitchen, bathroom or basement renovations, well designed lighting is one of the most important design elements […]... READ MORE