Electrical Wiring

  • When You See Sparks!

    When You See Sparks!

    Your home is your safe haven and should be a space where you can relax in comfort. The last thing you expect is that sparks will start flying and a potential fire could start within your walls. At Blue Crest Electric we want everyone to feel secure and safe knowing that their home is electrically...... READ MORE

  • 3-Prong Cords & Outlets

    Have you ever wondered what the purpose is for the third prong on the end of an electrical appliance cord? Why do some appliances, electronics, and outlets have them and others only have two-pongs? Are 3-prong cords and outlets important to you and your home’s safety? The simple answer is yes, the third prong on...... READ MORE

  • Bathroom Fan

    Bathroom Fan

    Having an exhaust fan in your bathroom is important to the humidity control and air quality of your home. Not only does it remove the bad odors, but it also eliminates the moisture in the air that can damage the walls and cause mold to grow. Having an experienced and licensed electrician replace or install...... READ MORE

  • Service Upgrade

    Electrical Service Upgrade

    Are you thinking of adding new circuits and load to your home? When planning to add load to your panel such as hot tubs, EV chargers, etc., you will need to make sure that your electrical panel is able to support all your new accessories. If your electrical panel is full then you will need...... READ MORE

  • 5 Signs That it is Time to Replace an Outlet

    the If your home is beginning to show its age, it could be time to look at replacing outdated outlets with licensed professionals like Blue Crest Electric. Outlets are an integral part of our homes, providing us with the power and access that we need for so many things each day. It is important to...... READ MORE

  • Blog Photo - Electric & Gas Stove

    Electrical Requirements for Electric & Gas Stoves

    The two main types of stoves are either electric or gas stoves. An electric stove heats its elements just the way the name sounds, by way of electricity. Whereas a gas stove heats its elements with natural gas. Electric Stoves Requirements to Install Certified and licensed electrician. Dedicated 40 Amp circuit. 240 Volts of electricity....... READ MORE

  • Types of Outdated Wiring and Their Hazards

    Types of Outdated Wiring and Their Hazards

    If your home was constructed in the 50s, 60s, or 70s, you may be using outdated or insufficient electrical systems to power your modern devices. Many homes in this time period were outfitted with knob & tube wiring or aluminum wiring systems, both of which are extremely hazardous when compared to modern copper wiring solutions....... READ MORE

  • Protecting Pets from Electrical Shock

    Protecting Pets from Electrical Shock

    Preventing electrical shocks from happening to a beloved pet is not something usually thought of until an unfortunate tragedy occurs. Small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters are animals that constantly need to chew on something, as their teeth and nails never stop growing. If these animals do not have a specified object,...... READ MORE

  • Rodent Damage to Your Electrical

    Rodent Damage to Your Electrical

    Electrical damage caused by rodents is a serious thing, once discovered it should never be ignored. When rats, mice, squirrels, racoons, opossums, or any animal seeking a home gets into an attic or basement it seems that they particularly enjoy chewing on your home’s electrical wires. When discovered, you should have the rodents removed, and...... READ MORE

  • Landscape Lighting - Blue Crest Electric

    Security And Landscape Lighting Solutions

    Hard Wired Lighting Although British Columbia is usually blessed with long beautiful summers, our province is also known for it’s lengthy periods of rainfall when the sun is nowhere in sight.  And since we are located on the 49th parallel, the number of daylight hours are also significantly reduced for much of the year. Taking this into consideration, it is wise to use hard wired lighting options...... READ MORE

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters - Blue Crest Electric

    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

    GFCI Protection Saves Lives A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a specialized automatic safety device that instantly terminates or interrupts the electrical current when leakage or a ground fault is detected in the circuit. When correctly installed by a certified electrician, it is estimated that this inexpensive electrical device could reduce the incident of...... READ MORE

  • electrician

    Electrical Circuit Breakers

    If you have ever had an electrical panel maintenance check-up performed by one of our licensed electricians, you may have wondered why the electrician expressed concern over some mismatched breakers inside your electrical service panel. With the average Lower Mainland home changing hands every 5 years, some electrical panels now have a history of modifications,...... READ MORE