Bathroom Fan

August 9, 2023

Bathroom Fan

Having an exhaust fan in your bathroom is important to the humidity control and air quality of your home. Not only does it remove the bad odors, but it also eliminates the moisture in the air that can damage the walls and cause mold to grow. Having an experienced and licensed electrician replace or install your bathroom fan will make the process smoother.

You can also place ceiling mounted exhaust fans in other rooms where you may want to recirculate the air. Areas such as laundry rooms, basements, and offices that may be prone to dampness and moisture could benefit from an added exhaust fan. Whether in a bathroom or another room, these fans require cleaning periodically to remove the dust and dirt particles that gather.


  • A bathroom / exhaust fan.
  • A licensed and certified electrician.
  • Depending on the wattage size of the fan, a dedicated circuit may required.
  • If the fan is going in a new location and you will need a permit.
  • Venting access for the fan to the outside of the home or building.

Fan / Light Combination

Your bathroom fan may be loud, but it is an essential part of your washroom. Often, these fans have their own dedicated on and off switch but depending on your needs bath fans can be interconnected with the main light switch, so that when the light comes on the fan will automatically turn on with the lights. This is convenient if the fan is often left on when no one is in the washroom and the hot water has not been running for a while. Whenever the bathroom light is in use the fan will also be on.

Bath Fan Timer

Another option for controlling your bathroom fan could be to install a bath fan timer. The installation of a bath fan timer will automatically turn off the fan once the time is up. The general rule for timers is an hour per shower.


A dehumidistat is another popular option, in some parts of the country, it sits on the wall and will turn the bathroom fan on if it senses that there is too much humidity present in the room. Once programed to the homeowners desired settings the humidistat will stay on until it brings down the humidity to the set range.

Our licensed Blue Crest electricians have experience installing bathroom fans and all three of these modifications. For any questions regarding the installation of bathroom fans you can call us at any of the numbers listed on our contact page.

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