3 Reasons to Install a Backup Generator for Your Home

June 8, 2023

3 Reasons to Install a Backup Generator for Your Home

A backup generator is an excellent investment for any homeowner, especially in areas prone to power outages. Installing a backup generator gives homeowners peace of mind and ensures unexpected power failures do not disrupt their daily routines. As a leading provider of residential electrical services, Blue Crest Electric understands the importance of having a backup generator for your home. Whether you live in an area prone to power outages or want peace of mind during extreme weather conditions, we have compiled 3 reasons to install a backup generator for your home.

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3 Reasons to Consider Installing a Backup Generator for Your Home


1. Provides Peace of Mind

A backup generator can provide peace of mind during emergencies. Power outages can happen anywhere and anytime, lasting from hours to days or even weeks, depending on the severity of the situation. A backup generator ensures you have electricity to power essential appliances like your refrigerator, heating system, sump pump, and other critical systems in an emergency. This means that even if your neighbourhood experiences an extended blackout, you will have access to the essentials like heat, hot water, and refrigeration for as long as necessary.

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2. Preserving Food

A backup generator helps preserve the freshness of perishable foods like raw meat and dairy products in refrigerators and freezers. Without electricity, these appliances cannot keep their contents cool or frozen, leading to spoilage and waste. A backup generator ensures that these devices continue functioning even when there is no electricity supply from the grid.

3. Preventing Frozen Pipes

A backup generator can prevent frozen pipes in cold weather conditions. When temperatures drop below freezing point, water inside the pipes can freeze and cause them to burst. This leads to costly repairs and disrupts your daily routine until the issue is resolved. A backup generator can keep the heat on and prevent your pipes from freezing. It ensures your home heating system works even during extended power outages.

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