Standby Electrical Generators

Are you prepared for the next power failure?

Electrical Generator MaintenanceA standby generator is just the answer in meeting the need for uninterrupted power for many Abbotsford, Langley and Lower Mainland households today. The increasing inconvenience of power outages, due to issues with the utility power supply company or adverse weather conditions, has many BC homeowners looking for a reliable back up power option. A professionally installed standby generator with an automatic transfer switch provides the perfect worry free solution.

The modern household has a host of sophisticated electronic equipment, from computers and telephones to numerous appliances and entertainment equipment that will be damaged by “dirty” power. Most of these components require a very “clean” source of power, something only specific standby generators provide. This last sentence must be emphasized as many generator brands and models do not provide the “clean” power needed to energize the sensitive electronics in most appliances, computers and entertainment equipment.

A loss of power means that you must now rely on candles or flashlights for a light source. But consider some of the other inconveniences you face when the power goes out. If you happen to be away from home for an extended period of time when the outage occurs, the consequences could also be very expensive.

Below is a list of some of the components in the home affected by a power loss condition.

  • Electric heat i.e. furnace or baseboard
  • Sump pump
  • Water pump
  • Refrigerator for food supply or sensitive medicine
  • Freezer
  • Electric hot water tank
  • Stove, microwave, dishwasher
  • Laundry appliances
  • Telephone, land line and cell phone recharger
  • Computers
  • Office equipment
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Medical equipment that requires electricity
  • Garage door openers
  • Door bell
  • Security system
  • Security lighting
  • Pond equipment and landscape lighting
  • Pool and spa equipment
  • Air conditioner
  • Clock radios

This list is not complete. But I’m sure you get the idea, as do many other homeowners who have already installed a standby generator at their home or cottage. The power may be out in the neighbourhood but in literally seconds, the standby generator has kicked in and provides electricity to the home. When the electricity from the power grid is restored, the generator automatically switches back to that system. For convenience, peace of mind and for those emergencies situations, a standby generator system is definitely the answer.

If you are interested in uninterrupted, worry-free, reliable electrical power, call us today. We would be happy to meet with you, discuss your specific energy requirements and present you with some options to consider. There is some choice out there in terms of product, and we can help you match a system to your specific individual needs.

We also offer an optional 3 – 5 year maintenance package which means you don’t have to do a thing. We look after every detail and you just enjoy the convenience of worry-free, uninterrupted power. To find your perfect back up power solution, Blue Crest Electric Ltd. is the company to call.

We service the entire Lower Mainland from Harrison Hot Springs to White Rock, including Mission and Maple Ridge. Call us today at any of the numbers listed on our contact page or fill in the contact form and someone from our office will contact you.

The next time the power goes out in your neighbourhood, yours could be the only warm, friendly house to come home to.

Client Testimonial

“Ray had given us a quote a year ago on supplying and installing a backup generator in case our power went out. This year we decided to go ahead with it. Linda made all the arrangements to co-ordinate Terasen Gas with the gas installer and kept us well informed. She always called us ahead of time to let us know when people were coming over. The day the generator was installed it was bitterly cold. Ray, Doug & Adam just put their heads down and forged ahead not one word of complaint. They were here all day from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm determined to get it finished. We would not hesitate in recommending Blue Crest Electric to anyone who needs an electrician. They are the most professional company we have ever had the pleasure to work with. They are excellent at explaining electrical things in laymen terms but are never condescending when you don’t understand something. They always amazed us how they treated our home as if it were their home, in the fact that they always wore booties on their feet to protect our floors, put up covers to catch the insulation if they were accessing the attic & always cleaned up their mess.” – C & B Gibson, Abbotsford

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